La Petit Potager

balcony potagerHow To Create A Potager Garden On A Balcony

If you have a balcony or small garden area, you may be disappointed that you cannot have a potager garden. Not So! A potager is different from a standard vegetable garden in that it combines beauty with raising vegetables. Usually there are raised garden beds that are symmetrical and there is a mix of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

You can also include garden ornaments such as a bird bath in a potager garden. While the emphasis in a potager is on food production – all types of food – it still incorporates beauty and structure.

Designing a potager garden with raised beds or even large pots is an ideal way to spruce up a tired looking balcony or small garden area. These beautifully ornamental gardens create a beautiful space for you to raise your vegetables, herbs and produce.

You aren’t limited by your balcony or small garden area, just make sure that you plan effectively, use dwarf varieties where you can to conserve space and follow the definition of a potager in generating vegetables in a beautiful space mixed with flowers, herbs and fruit.  


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