Create Magic In A Shady Corner Of Your Garden

shade loving plantsWant to Know What Grows Well In The Shade?

If you have a shady corner in your garden which is looking a little the worse for wear, there are things you can do to make it look a little brighter and feel a little more homely. There are a surprising number of plants which will grow well in a shaded corner of your garden.


These are a colorful plant which grow well in a cool shady spot. They are a perennial flower which is also known as Busy Lizzie. Impatiens like a rich, well drained soil that is sheltered from strong winds. Keep them moist, but not too wet or you may find that they get fungus diseases. If you mass plant impatiens they will grow taller in a crowd. If you want your plants to stay smaller be sure to keep a little distance between plantings.

mirror plantMirror Plant

This is a plant which comes in a variety of colors and makes a wonderful addition to any shady garden. The mirror plant will grow up to five feet high, and is tolerant of being trimmed and pruned into a hedge or left to grow as a shrub.

This is a beautiful plant in that it has a range of colors. The first new leaves will open up with green and gold and as the leaves age they will develop a beautiful deep rich red. A glossy, evergreen shrub, use the contrasting colors in this plant to bring your garden to life.

japanese forrest grass - great for shady gardensJapanese Forest Grass

This is a plant which makes a colorful and elegant ground cover in your shaded areas. Bright yellow golden foliage create a stunning border to accent your plants or plant them out in containers for a striking effect. These are a deciduous plant which work well in any shaded area of your garden.

meadow rueMeadow Rue

This is a low maintenance flowering plant which likes lightly shaded areas with rich, well drained soil. These plants will often grow quite tall, so they are best used behind other plants or as part of a border. Long, tall, elegant stems and slightly fuzzy flowers make this plant a beautiful inclusion in your garden in a formal or more relaxed setting. Meadow Rue comes in a variety of different colors too so there will be a plant which suits your garden.

Easy to grow, hardy and disease resistant, the meadow rue will be a boon to the busy gardener. Asking little in the way of care, this is a plant that grows best in clumps of two or three plants planted out together.

persian shieldPersian Shield

Grown for its purple and silver variegated leaves, Persian Shield is a beautiful addition to any shaded areas in your garden. This is a plant which will also grow well indoors, and its a popular house plant when planted out in containers. Persian Shields have a blue flower which blooms on a short spike usually in winter or the fall. A hardy plant, if it's grown outdoors you may find that it dies back after a hard frost but will reemerge in the spring.

The Persian Shield will grow from seeds or from a cutting, although seeds need a little more TLC and a warmer start than a cutting or purchase from a garden Centre. When planted out in the shade the Persian Shield will reflect the dappled light that comes through the shade and make a stunning addition as  border plant. Pair this plant with other plants with silver foliage or chartreuse.

copper plantCopper Plant

Deep orange and russet colored leaves make this a favorite plant to grow indoors or in the shade.A hardy, evergreen shrub, this is one which will bring a bright spot to any lightly shaded area of the garden. If you're in a colder climate be prepared to sheltered this plant in winter or make sure that you can move it indoors. 

If your plant gets too leggy you can prune it back. Growing to about five feet tall, you can easily prune this back to keep it at a shrub level. To get the best from your leaves, make sure they are in a position to get a little sunshine.

creeping JennyCreeping Jenny

A herbaceous perennial, this is a plant which will grow well in part shade or a sunshiny spot. If grown in the shade, the foliage will be a lime green color. If grown in a garden bed this plant makes an attractive ground cover. It likes a moist, well drained soil and wont tolerate being too dry.

A pretty selection for a hanging basket, grows well over a rocky ledge or retaining wall. This is a plant which will spread easily with runners, so care should be taken that it wont get out of control in the location you choose.

No matter what style or size your garden, you can find a plant to include in your shady spot which works well in a garden bed, a planter pot or a hanging basket. Don't leave your shaded area to look like an eyesore, investigate what type of soil you have and plant out a few contrasting elements which will make a shady retreat to enjoy on a hot summer day.

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