Charming Plant Combinations for Balcony Gardening

potted succulents - balcony gardening ideasPlanting Combinations for Balcony Gardens With Wow Factor

If you only have a small space to plant out a garden, then you need something eye catching for a wow factor. A full planter pot can look very beautiful, so consider some of these combinations to make your planters pop!


Succulents are easy to grow and the best thing is that most of them grow from a cutting making them wonderfully cheap! When you choose to pot succulents make sure that you have a variety of plants with different colors, leaf shapes and textures to have contrast. This will ensure that you have plenty of shapes to catch a person's eye as generally succulents wont flower.

petunias are beautiful fillers in pots plant combinations balcony gardeningPerfect Annual Pairings

No matter how big your potential garden is, there are a few classic pairings that will stand the test of time. These will work wonderfully in a pot or a garden bed.

Dark purple petunias with a white geranium. The contrast and freshness of this classic will catch your eye and freshen up any tired garden space. These two like full sun and well drained soil.

Bright Orange Zinnias paired with any blue or purple flowers such as petunias, lisianthus or angelonia. You can also plant out zinnias with a variated leaf such as an Occold Shield geranium. The contrast looks lovely and you don't even need the geranium to flower for a fabulous display.

Use a monochromatic theme in a potted garden. Plant out various shades of the same color in pots and get a fantastic range of color with different flowers and textures. Don't forget to include plants with leaves of similar color or contrasting textures.

Build Layers of Color bulk up your pots with the same planting and then plant another pot behind and in front of it to create striking blocks of color. This is especially striking when you use different heights in your flower beds or pots.

Try an all white combination to brighten up a shady spot. Use White Christmas caladiums for a big, broad leaf texture combined with a white begonia and throw in the white polka dot plant and you have a winning combination every time. Don't forget that this plant likes the shade and well drained soil. 

Use contrasting petunias in pink an blue teamed with a foliage  plant which is much lighter such as dusty miller with its silvery leaves. This is a cool color theme which will look as beautiful in a pot as it will in a flower bed. This combination will grow well in full sun to partial shade and likes well drained soil.

No matter how you dress up your balcony, its your place to relax so make sure that it reflects you and your personal style. If you're a minimalist then a single beautifully dressed pot with variated heights and contrasting leaves and foliage may be what suits you best. If you are a little eclectic then you may want pots of bulbs mixed in with your succulents and petunias on display. Don't forget that a balcony is often the perfect place to add a few herbs to your planter pots and mix them in with your pot plant perfection. We would love to hear of any other combinations or photos that have worked in your garden or on your balcony.

Happy gardening!

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