Balcony Garden Ideas

balcony garden ideasHow to garden without a garden on your balcony

With land getting more and more expensive, many of us are living in apartments and units with only tiny balconies as a place to entertain and pursue our love of gardening. No matter where you live, there is always room to garden. Remember, even a well placed container can make all the difference to your outdoor space.

How to get the most out of your gardening area

Size up your space. Measure it out, physically do this so get out your tape measure! Once you have your dimensions, you need to plot it out on a piece of paper. What do you want to include in your outdoor space? List the features you are going to have on your balcony such as seating, storage, kids toys, feature plants etc. This is your wish list, once you have your actual dimensions and the garden space drawn up you can see what will realistically fit on your space.

potted colour balcony gardeningDetermine the environment

How much sun or shade does your area get? Is your space open to the wind? Looking at your space and seeing what types of plants it will grow well is important. It's no good adding shade loving plants to a balcony which is positioned in full sun or vice versa. If you accurately assess what sort of exposure your garden will have you will be able to plant out a garden which will thrive in the environment.

Where is the water going to come from?

If you don't have access to easy watering, you are more than likely going to forget or put it off. If you have a hose fitting – fantastic. if you don't and you're going to be depending on lugging water from a watering can, you may find that your plants are a tad neglected.

What is the purpose of your garden?

Is your garden going to grow food? Is it going to be purely decorative? Is your garden going to be your focal point of your outdoor area? Once you know your purpose of your balcony you will be able to plant with a purpose and plan your space accordingly.

how to grden in small spacesClear the Clutter Out from Your Balcony

It may be handy, but can you think of somewhere else to store your mop? Taking away the clutter from your garden area on your balcony will make the space seem less like an afterthought and more like an intended outdoor entertaining area. If you must store items on your balcony, can you hide them behind a feature plant or small feature wall? Maybe place a storage box strategically in a handy spot that will help to hide your bicycle and the mop and bucket.

It's All About Perspective

If your balcony area is small and the fence or border is prominent, it will define and reinforce how small your space is. Consider softening the feature with a climbing plant. When you are positioning your plants, use the brighter, larger feature plants closer to where people will be viewing them and use smaller more muted plants and leaves further back. This will give the illusion of a larger space.

Go Upwards

Often people forget that growing a vertical garden is an option. If you have a large expanse (or even a not so large for that matter) you can always create a vertical garden. these are often a feature in a balcony garden as they are eye catching without taking up too much space. Herbs are a great option for creating a hanging garden on your balcony – and they are useful and tasty as well.

Balcony garden ideas are limitless when you are looking at a blank canvas. It's not easy loving to garden and being stuck with a small space or even knowing what to do with a small area if you aren't a mad keen gardener. Keep your perspectives and above all be definite in what you want to use the space for. Look at the amount of sun and wind your plants are going to get as well as how much time you have to dedicate to their care. Once you know these things you can plan and plant to create a living space on your balcony that is a reflection of your own personal style.

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