Advantages of Planting Vegetable Gardens

planting vegetables - baby peasWhy You Should Be Planting Vegetables

Do you have a patch of land in your back garden that isn't being used? If you're considering doing something with it, perhaps its time to consider a vegetable patch, especially if its in a sunny spot.

Vegetable gardening can be anything from growing a tomato plant in a container to planting out a comprehensive assortment of different herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. You just need to find the vegetable gardening style that works for you. As long as they will get sunshine for at least six hours a day, your vegetables should grow efficiently providing you with fresh healthy produce for your kitchen.

So whether you live in an apartment, you are in a small or large home or you are living on a homestead it doesn't matter. There are plenty of reasons to garden and grow vegetables and there are just a few! Read on to learn some of the advantages of planting vegetable gardens.

Tastier Food and Meals

grow your own fresh vegetablesMost gardeners will attest that they find the vegetables grown in their own backyard are tastier than those bought at the grocery store. They note that their produce is more flavorful, whether they are eating their vegetables raw in a salad or cooked in a meal. Is it all the extra love that goes in to home grown veges? Is it the extra fertilizer and nutrients back yard gardeners put into their soil? Be it because of the extra amount of love and care these home-grown vegetables got or the person taking pride in growing crops in his or her backyard, it doesn't’t really matter. What matters is that you're serving tasty produce to your friends and family straight from your vegetable garden. You also know that what you have grown is fresh and free of many harmful chemicals and or preservatives.

You're Guaranteed There Are No Harmful Chemicals

Chances are you might not fully know whether the vegetables you buy at the supermarket are free of pesticides. Sometimes vendors will claim that their products are free of pesticides, but are they really? What happened to the soil before the crops were planted? What is going on in the neighborhood around the crops? What if the area has previously been exposed to chemicals or the water supply has been affected in the past?Prolonged dietary exposure to pesticides is linked to various adverse reproductive and developmental effects, although there is little data to support this.

Children are at higher risk of the dangers when they are exposed to chemicals. They may ingest chemicals on their fruits and vegetables but their bodies are not yet fully developed. Their bodies are able to excrete the chemicals in most instances, but what about the build up of things like heavy metals in our bodies.

demonstrates how a cold frame works growing vegetablesVegetable Gardening Is A Great Way To Work Out

No time to get to the gym? Feeling rushed? A great way to workout If you got little or no time is to let gardening provide your daily dose of exercise. Tending your garden for just thirty minutes in a day will go a long way to helping you with your stretching, flexibility and weight bearing exercise. You will be burning those excess calories and losing weight.

Gardening works several major muscle groups in the body like the arms, legs back and buttocks. Stretching to reach for that weed? Bending forward to transplant a seedling? Your flexibility and balance will improve and you'll find that picking up the car key that fell on the floor or reaching for a book at the top of a tall shelf will be a lot easier for you to do.

By the time your crops are ready for harvest, you will notice a change in your body, especially if you look after your garden on a regular basis. Gardening has a lot less impact on your joints than sports like playing basketball or jogging. Gardening does not place extra stress on your heart, an ideal gentle exercise for those with heart conditions or high blood pressure. When people have bone joint disorders gardening improves flexibility and blood flow, improving mobility for many people. Gardening is a great way to exercise, it varies, places less stress on your body than more vigorous exercise and your body strengthens as your plants grow!

a vegetable garden at the start of springGardening can help save the environment

If commercially grown vegetables receive little demand from consumers, then commercial farmers will find no reason to expand their plantations. There will be less of a need to cut down rain forests and move into other native habitats. With less demand for vegetables there will also be less demand for farmers to plant more fields and less need for more chemicals and pesticides to enter our waterways and environment. As you read this article you may be thinking, I am one person or one family, how much difference can I make? This is not true, every positive action makes a difference. Just imagine if you plant a vegetable garden and then next year so does your neighbor or your sister or your Mom? If everyone does a little, we will all accomplish a lot. 

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