10 Ways To Use Lavender

10 ways to use lavender - lavender bunchSweet Smelling, Calming And Aromatic

Who doesn't love lavender? This is a herb which grows well in many climates, and there are many varieties today which have been developed to be even more tolerant so almost everyone can grow lavender. Well, almost everyone, those folk living in northern Alaska are probably going to still struggle with growing lavender unless its indoors!

So you have a shrub which has produced masses of blooms, many bushes will grow prolifically when they are in suitable conditions leaving you with a harvest of beautiful fragrant blossoms. What should you do with these wonderful flowers? I've put together ten ideas for you to make use of your lavender with both the fresh flowers, the leaves and of course, the oil. 

Baking With Lavender

After checking that your lavender is organic and has not been sprayed with pesticides this aromatic herb is great to use when you're baking. You can use the leaves and the flowers when they are fresh, and the buds and stems can also be used once they are dried. Remembering that the potency of lavender increases when the herb is dried. Lavender is a member of the mint family, and is quite close to rosemary and sage. The flavor of lavender is sweet and floral with a hint of citrus. It is making a comeback as an enhancer of our food, both visually and for its flavor. The most common lavender used for cooking is the English Lavender.

Make A Calming Tea

Lavender is a calming herb, and drinking lavender tea is an easy anf flavorful way to ease tension and even soothe a headache. Simply put a few sprigs of lavender into a cup, add hot water and steep for five minutes. You can make your own lavender lemonade or add lavender to lemon soda to enhance that citrus taste.

Ward Off The Insects

Not only can crushed bags of lavender in your closet prevent moths, you can also rub crushed lavender over your arms and legs while enjoying the great outdoors as a natural insect repellent. When you are seeking out your lavender however, be sure to take care and beware of bees – they love lavender!

sewing with lavender - making lavender bagSew With Lavender

There are so many ways to create interesting gifts out of lavender. Creating little lavender bags or eye sachets is easy to do and make beautiful gifts. A lavender sachet is a lovely way to ornament a gift too instead of using ribbons, it is a gift which will last and remind the recipient of you with its scent for months to come.

Pot Pourri

A traditional way to use lavender, this is a time honored tradition and easy to do. Simply mix up your dried lavender with a little lavender oil and you will have a lovely pot pourri to place around your home. You can add other scented flowers or herbs to make a combination which is unique to you.

Lavender Infused Sleep Doll

This is a lovely idea to give as a gift to a child. A soft, raggedy doll can be sewn up and filled with the stuffing of your choice and have dried lavender added. A beautiful idea and the added bonus of a calming and restful sleep.

lavender sachetsLavender In The Bathroom

Lavender is an ideal herb to add to bath oils, bath balls, talc, soaps, creams and bath sachets. The list is endless. If ther eis a bathroom product you favor, chances are you can add lavender to it for a soothing bath time experience. You'll also smell great and be feeling calm. 


Keeping house with lavender is a beautiful way to use lavender. Tie bunches of it around your home, place it in vases to brighten up a room and enjoy its beautiful scent throughout your home. You can also use lavender as a disinfectant or even make a lavender room spray. 


As long as you do not have an allergy (quite rare but be sure to check first) lavender is ideal to use in aromatherapy. It can be applied directly to the skin, and can help ease tension, stress and headaches. You can burn the oils in your home or office.

A Beautiful Garden

If nothing else, lavender can be used in your garden for its colors, shape and beauty. You can use it as a hedge, as a feature or simply as part of a cottage garden.

I have put together 10 ways to use lavender, but there are truly so many more. The uses of this aromatic herb are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Whether you only want to add a bunch to your sitting room for a bright and fragrant welcome to visitors or you are planning to make your own bathroom products lavender will enhance your home and lifestyle.


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