10 Ideas To Help You Live A Sustainable Life

Living life sustainably – using less natural resources and leaving a smaller carbon footprint – is easier than you think. We've compiled a list of ten easy things that everyone can do to help ease the burden on our globe and it might even save you money too! So here are 10 ideas we've put together to help you live a more sustainable life.

  1.  Think about your waste.Not only can we recycle, but we can actively think about our daily waste. With a little effort could you cut down what you throw away? Have you thought about taking a reusable drink bottle instead of buying water? Do you bring a packed lunch every day? Could you possibly take it in a container rather than plastic wrap? 
  2. green grocer - shop locally for sustainable livingIs your local grocer within walking distance? Shopping locally can make a big difference economically and environmentally. Will the driving time be reduced if you shop locally? This will help to reduce the amount of air pollution your car produces on trips to do your shopping. If you actively think about the pollution your car will create before every journey and find a possible alternative – you will be surprised how much air pollution you can reduce. 
  3. Buying items designed to last will reduce the amount of throwaway consumables we buy and end up as landfill. Some items which can easily be 'refilled' are razors, pens and lighters.  More expensive to invest in but in the long term can be cost efficient as well as lessening the load on our environment.
  4. Make your own household cleaning products. Before we were overwhelmed with choice for chemical cleaners we made our own using natural alternatives still readily available today. Simple products such as vinegar, tea tree oil, lemon and other citrus and baking soda can all be used as cleaning alternatives which will reduce air pollution and cut back on toxic chemicals being washed down our drains.
  5. Eat less meat. It doesn't sound much but reducing your meat consumption by as little as one serve per week can have a big impact on sustainable living. Growing the animals for consumption in addition to the non recyclable packaging has a big impact on our environment. 
  6. compost to help live sustainablyCompost! An easy way to contribute to saving our environment a compost system – no matter what size – in your back yard can help reduce your green waste. Composting does not take a lot of room or resources to be effective.  Reduce your waste and carbon footprint by composting your food scraps and not only do you reduce your rubbish each week, you also create healthier soil and mulch for your garden.
  7. Recycle Gift Wrap. Sounds pretty lame right? You know that friend who carefully unwraps and folds the paper to be reused?  Turns out they know best when it comes to gift wrap and the environment.  Gift wrap costs us hundreds of thousands of trees every year. An option you may like to consider is to use recycled gift wrap or paper or even a piece of cloth which has another use.  Or better still – get the recipient to close their eyes before they receive it – removing the need for paper entirely – and put a recyclable ribbon on it as decoration.
  8. Save Water. Water is a valuable resource – one that may soon be in short supply if we continue to pollute and misuse the existing water resources. When you run your shower could you collect and reuse the cold water which runs through first?  Is installing a water tank an option for you? Can you recycle the water you use to wash your fresh vegetables for something else rather than tip it down the sink?
  9. Reduce Your Electricity. Can you think of ways to reduce your everyday electricity usage? Electricity burns fossil fuels – a precious resource. A run in the park is a good alternative to using a treadmill everyday.  Kitchens and gardens are full of electronic gadgets but have you considered using hand powered tools instead?
  10. Implement changes gradually. Change takes time to become habit forming – be realistic. To stay motivated and be successful in implementing your changes remember that it take a month to form a habit – good or bad! One change at a time you can work towards contributing to a sustainable living lifestyle and make your home greener.





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